22 Ogos 2009

Treating H1N1

My opinion is to train everyone to boost up their body's immunity. Many have found the cure but have remained quiet about it. Whilst many have also given some sound advice. We could all save the country billions of Ringgit and use them to pay the country's debt instead.

Below are some traditional preparation according to JawiMedHerb to treat the swine flu. However,H1N1 virus is serious and would be advisable to seek a doctor's consultation.

1. IMT - 3 capsules, to be taken at an interval of 2 hours ( 3 x 6)
2. Roselle tea - (to drink continuously) - till you finish up a box.
3. Spirulina - to be taken at an interval of 2 hours till you finish a bottle.
4. EQ Minda - to drink till you gain your health.
5. During fever and increasingly feverish, bathe with the leaves of bunga cina.

If you are looking to prevent it from happening to you or your family,
do take Kopi Radix, Roselle kapsul and Spirulina as your daily food and beverage consumption. Do stay away from all the fried stuff and stuffy places.

With love from a Herbalist. End

Ditulis oleh rangkaian HPA BORNEO;

Kaiyisah Yeoh Bt Abdullah
No Id HPA; 496055.MY01

p/s; Beliau juga seorang herbalis HPA
yang boleh di hubungi di talian +6012-335 6005 atau email; kaiyisah@yahoo.com.

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